Alawoona Run

On the 10th October 2021 The Auto Collectors Club of Murray Bridge were finally on track to visit Lloyd Griffith’s private motor vehicle collection at Alawoona. This event was previously cancelled back in July due to our state covid shut down.
There were 27 vehicles with 62 club members and friends who left the Johnston Park Clubrooms at 8.30a.m. to travel to Karoonda for a short coffee and pit stop, then traveling on to Alawoona to regroup before heading out to Lloyd Griffiths Enterprise Estate.
Lloyd greeted us at the main shed containing an almost complete display of Holden vehicles dating from a 1948-215 to the latest Monaro and Commodore models. When we were finished inspecting all things Holden, we went up to Lloyd’s workshop areawhere we chatted while enjoying our BYO lunch, this also allowed run organisers Roy and Elaine Bretag to thank our host with small gift for his time and effort in sharing his collection with us.
President Claude Minge also congratulated Lloyd on his vast collection of Holden cars which shows us how passionate he has been over the past 40 years in bringing these vehicles together which has been an inspiration to us all.
After lunch we were on the move to another two sheds containing original and restored assortment of vehicles from 1920’s to modern including Buick, Daimler, Dodge , Chevrolet, Jaguar, Toyota Landcruiser, Nissan, Honda, Lamborghini to name just a few, and all of this interspersed with an extensive collection of Motorcycles, from Drag racing to road and trail bikes of all many makes and models It was not too surprising to see why these vehicles are kept under lock and key.
At about 2.30 p.m. after a most enjoyable day out,our thoughts were turned to the drive home.
Congratulations and thank you again to Lloyd Griffith.