Barbecue & Bonfire Night

Members began arriving about 4:30 p.m. to set up their tables and chairs for the night. Nibbles appeared and thanks to the guys who passed them round. There was plenty of chit-chat going on.

The cooks fired up the BBQs at 6:00 p.m. – a great job done by Marlene & Brian Kuchel, Tom West and John Courtney.

I would like to thank Aileen Geue, Vicki Courtney, Pam Wehrman, Elaine Bretag and Ted Julian for joining their craft items with my display, so that everyone could view and enjoy the finished work done by our members as hobbies. Many hours of work are put in by those who gain much pleasure from their crafts.

As always, there were many wonderful salads and sweets for us all to enjoy with the barbecued meats, after which everyone took in the warmth from another fierce bonfire.

Good company and hope everyone enjoyed the night.

Report written by Marlene Hager