Biggest Morning tea

A group of approximately 40 of our Club members gradually filtered in at the home of June and Terry from about 10:00 a.m. on Sunday, 14th March for the annual Sausage Sizzle Run. (Well, it would have been annually if it hadn’t been for the dreaded COVID19, meaning that last year’s Run was cancelled.}

The event started out with a “Biggest Morning Tea”, raising money for Cancer Research, etc. This year, again because of COVID19, scones were already cut and adorned with cheese or jam and cream and were set out on individual plates, following the recommended requirements for serving food these days. Lyn West welcomed everyone to the event at about 10:30 a.m., acknowledging everyone’s appreciation of the superb venue provided by the Mabbitts and recognizing how good it was for our Club members to be getting together again and enjoying each other’s company. Lyn also drew members’ attention to the exhibition of arts and crafts work on display, encouraged everyone to take a look and thanked all the contributors.

The idea for the exhibition originally came from Myra Wright. “Tongue in cheek”, Myra suggested to me (Lyn) one day, quite a long time ago, that we should buy a bit of cheap wine and cheese and hold an exhibition of Howard’s and Tom’s artworks! Still joking, the idea was taken up and elaborated upon by the two of us, especially Myra, whose comic genius can reach an art form in itself with seemingly no real effort on her part. (Love it!) Naturally enough, the Car Club was mentioned when the subject of just who would attend this exhibition was raised. Anyway, in a calmer frame of mind later on, the idea must have stuck and further discussions led to it being thought of as a real possibility, with a few changes, additions and adaptations. Thus, we can really thank Myra for an exceptionally well-received exhibition of art and craft work by our members on Sunday 14th.

I believe that is well worth mentioning the contributors and their exhibits:-
Marlene Hagger Restored enamel car badges.
Elaine Bretag Art works (paintings, inc. pastel).
Brenda Cowie Faberge eggs.
Jan Hall Model trains (made by, and originally belonging to, her
Tom West Paintings (acrylic).
Howard Wright Paintings (acrylic).
Lyn West China painting and quilt.
Myra Wright Placemats (artwork) and ceramic jewellery box.
Vicki Courtney Hardanger embroidery.
John Courtney Scrap Art (“Myrtle the Turtle”)
Deidre Kitto Embroidery (hat pin cushion, etc), and dressed doll (by the
late Colleen Kitto).
Trevor Kitto Small wooden embroidered stool (Deidre did
the embroidery).
Jeff Martin Novelty Australiana woodwork items in Australian timbers.
June Mabbitt Wirework gemstone jewellery.
Mary Rowley Brooch collection.
Roy Bretag Rings made from pennies.
Graham Edwards “Piston broke” trophy to commemorate an interesting trip
to W.A.
During the morning, June Mabbitt handed out a cryptic quiz on South Australian place names, as an entertaining diversion for those wishing to participate. Terry Mabbitt drew everyone’s attention to a considerably large display of books set out in his shed, and invited those present to take what they wanted. We must have a few avid readers in our club because the shed was well patronised!

The Sausage Sizzle is a “Club Trophy Run” and the Mabbitt’s had organised a jar of jelly beans for members to guess the numbers. It wasn’t just a straight forward “guess the number in the jar” however. Oh, no! We were requested to guess the number of red, orange, green, blue and yellow jelly beans! Good luck to the winner!

Terry Mabbitt and Tom West busied themselves cooking the barbecued sausages and onions and June and Lyn dished out bread, sausages, onions and sauce to our members in a manner as is required by COVID safety guidelines.

John Courtney addressed the group and proposed a vote of thanks to the organisers and also to those contributing to the exhibition.

It was a really great day. The weather was kind, the venue was first-class, the food was tasty, the feedback received on the exhibition was excellent, the readers were ecstatic and the friendly chatter and interaction between members was exceptionally enjoyable.

The total amount raised by the Biggest Morning Tea was $240. Thank you, everyone.

(Sausage Sizzle organised by the Mabbitts, Biggest Morning Tea organised by the Wests; Exhibiton organised by the Wrights and the Wests. Photo/s supplied by Graham Edwards. This report by Lyn West).