Callington Show

Well another year has come and gone so off to the Callington Show we go on October 26 2014.

12 cars and 1 truck met at the Clubrooms with dubious weather that turned out to be near perfect.

Jill Matschoss handed around the attendance book, thanks Jill, and Brenda Cowie reminded the drivers to make sure their log books were signed, thanks Brenda.

We then set off for the Callington Showground and met Mr Emmerson waiting for us along the way. Not knowing the car I asked him to describe it, which he did adding ‘you can’t miss it’ Boy am I glad we did, I would hate to pay for that paint job!

Bruce and Di Dawson arrived a short time later so we then had 15 cars and 1 truck.

The show has grown to be a great credit to a small community, there is so much to see and do. Sadly due to my health I did not get to see any of it, except the draught horses and Shetland ponies put through their paces.

The weather behaved and at 3 pm Chris Sperou and his plane appeared in the sky and put on a great show. What he puts his body and plane through defies belief.

At about 3.45 pm some of us packed up to leave. Murray and Bob took down the flags that they had put up in the morning, thanks Murray and Bob, and thanks John Courtney for getting the flags to me.

My thanks to all the 30 Club members who took their cars and truck out of the sheds and garages and brush off the dust to head for the 13th Callington Show, the most successful ever.


Report written by Aileen