Mal Fountain Run

This year’s Mal Fountain Run went to Mulga Wildlife Park on Sunday November 20. The day was hot. We left the Clubrooms at 9.30 am, stopping at Avoca Dell for morning tea. The Reserve was very busy but we managed to find a nice spot for morning tea under a shady tree.  A quiz sheet was handed out and a game of quoits was played to earn points which were added to the questionnaire to help decide a trophy winner.

We headed off to Mulga before it got too hot for everyone, but the day heated up quickly. Upon arriving at the Wildlife Park, we all headed to the undercover cafeteria area. We separated into two groups so each group could stay behind and eat lunch while the other was on a tour of the park.
The group was given a talk by the curator and owner of Mulga over the lunch period. He spoke about what his goal is for the park, his previous work at the Melbourne Zoo and many animal related endeavours.
After everyone had had lunch and a tour, the Answers to the quiz were read out.
After an enjoyable afternoon everyone went home to cool off.

Report: Darren Fountain