Masters Games Carriage Driving

10 vehicles and 17 people left the clubrooms at 10am 22nd April for a short drive to the Monarto Sporting Complex to view a Carriage Driving competition.
After setting up our cars for display on the oval, we all found some shady trees with a view over the obstacle course that had been arranged to test the skill of Horses and Drivers.
The weather was perfect – mid to high 20’s with a slight breeze. We all sat around chatting and watching the competitors being put through their paces, with horses, carriages and drivers of all shapes and sizes. This was certainly something different for our club members to see.
At about lunchtime a number of our group left us to attend the memorial service for Peter Jennings that was being held at the Wistow Hall in the afternoon. Those remaining enjoyed the afternoon’s events, with the slowest horses going out first and the fastest at the end of the day. We witnessed some very spirited driving by some competitors near the end of competition.
The only disappointment for the day was when a couple of our group went to the canteen to purchase lunch, only to be told that this was for “competitors only”. This was after we had made specific enquires before the event about canteen facilities, and were told that tea, coffee, soft drinks, cakes and sandwiches would be available for purchase on the day.
However, it was a great day out and those present agreed that it could be an event that may be revisited in the future.
Report by Roy Bretag