Murray Bridge Pageant

This year’s local pageant on Saturday November 21 was conducted in perfect weather, for participants and viewers alike. Our Club was well represented by the 16 vehicles, drivers and passengers taking part. Quite a few of the vehicles were decorated with Christmas trimmings, especially for the occasion.
Vehicles and members taking part, in no particular order, are listed below.
1926 Chenard Senechal (Mike & Arlene Chapman)
1961 Ford Zephyr (Graham & Maureen Edwards & grandchildren)
1964 Valiant Station Wagon (Robin Kavooris)
1962 Valiant (Les & Brenda Cowie)
1964 Ford Falcon Sprint (Kevin Veitch)
1960 Jaguar (Howard & Myra Wright)
1955 Austin (Eric & Pat Kuss)
1961 Holden (Jamie & Colleen Brine & children)
1967 Morris Mini (Trevor Jericho & Ian Rowley)
1946 International Truck (Bruce & Marcia Eldridge)
1970 Holden (Jeff & Aileen Martin)
1927 Buick (Wayne & Viktoria Johns)
1966 Holden Ute (John Ali)
1953 Holden (Peter & Sharon Binney)
1975 Mercedes Benz (Vernon & Cecily Graetz)
1963 Holden (Murray Lutz)

Report by John Courtney