Murray Bridge Pageant

 All 12 members’ cars were parked and decorated by 5 pm on Saturday November 19, waiting for the 5.30 pm start. It was warm and quite breezy, with little shade. At precisely 5.30 pm we started to move out. There seemed to be more spectators than in other years and there were hundreds of children lining the roads. They enjoy the old cars as much as the adults and we heard cries of “Toot your horn!” They were especially impressed with the sound of the 1919 Dodge. Although we were number 10 this year, instead of in the 40s to 50s, it was slow going, as there were a number of boys riding around on a type of go-cart in front of our cars. We made it to Sturt Reserve, but being in the first group, we did not get a chance to see the other displays and floats. I believe that the Pageant was a great success again this year and it is a good way to start the run-up to the Christmas rush. It’s fun! You should try it! (Thank to John Courtney for organising this Club event.

Report: Brenda Cowie