Pizza Night 13/1/2023

There was no Pizza Night in 2022 due to Covid rulings and for the two years before that we endured restrictions, so it was pleasing that this year we were back to “normal”. But there were other issues to keep us on our toes. The most important being the River Murray floods that prevented us from accessing the lagoon side of our property where we would normally park our cars. I had foreshadowed that this may be a problem at the last meeting and so it proved to be, as water intruded into the gateway by a couple of metres, preventing vehicles using that entrance. Plan “B” was to use the main entrance from Torrens Road and although that severely reduced the parking area, we managed OK. But even getting there was not as easy as it was, with most of the ferries out of action, the traffic on the old bridge has increased significantly, combined with one way traffic due to the bridge repairs, causing delays.

                You never know what the weather is going to be like at this time of year, but we were pretty lucky this time. True it was a bit warm earlier in the day, but not too bad in the shade and got very pleasant as the evening wore on. There was no really cold breeze that we often get, so no rugs and beanies needed this time.

                We again used Pizza Hut to supply the pizzas, but again we had a change. Pizza Hut no longer supply the sizes that we have had in the past, so we had to change our thinking a bit. I had Marie trained in previous years (in reality, she had trained me!!), but now had to train the new owner, Noor (again, he really had to train me). I think he worked it out pretty well, as there were only two slices left from 24 large pizzas. Their young delivery driver commented that he had not delivered that number in one hit before. Everyone seemed to have a good feed, topped up with the usual pineapple and watermelon.

                The usual inspection of progress of the DA Dodge restoration was not needed this year as it has been finished, but there were still things to look at in the sheds and the “memorabilia room” as I call it. This is a display of things that mean something to Vicki and I, but fortunately provide interest for others as well. There were quite a few curious visitors from time to time, looking at things they recognised from their past as well.

                So, with everyone comfortably fed and watered and having caught up with things that had happened over the festive season, it was time for everyone to drift off home.

Vicki & I hope you all had a very pleasant evening as we certainly did. Thanks for making it another successful “Pizza night”.

John & Vicki Courtney