Pizza Night – January 15

Once again, the Pizza night proved a great way to start our 2016 year, with a very laid back group of 66 in attendance. This included two potential new members, Ron and Fina Jelett. Let’s hope we did not scare them off! The weather started out very pleasant, but got rather cold later. What a change from some of the recent hot stuff. Never mind, very pleasant to be able to find out what everyone has been up to over Christmas and New Year, and who has bought some new wheels. Mike and Arlene the only owners of a new car that I am aware of.

In what seemed like no time at all, the first batch of Eagle Boys Pizzas were delivered and we could all tuck in. Pizza delivery lad looked out the front window and started drooling over the cars, particularly the Fords. Obviously the lad has taste! A second batch of Pizzas followed, by which time everyone was looking very contented indeed. So to stop anyone falling asleep, I decided we should have a history lesson.

We all proceeded to the front veranda, where I gave a short account of the history of the Glen Lossie property, founded by John, later Sir John, Cowan in 1881. The property was many years later subdivided by the developers Barrett & Barrett into the Riverglades area and in 1980 led to the formation of the Riverglades Ratepayers Association to manage the wetlands and represent the interests of local residents. This group of residents eventually purchased the Riverglades Wetlands from Barrett and Barrett and became known as the Riverglades Community Wetlands Incorporated in 1999. The wetlands is still owned and maintained by this group.

By now it was getting quite cold, so we all trouped back to the back lawn to finish off our meal with the traditional watermelon and pineapple. It was so cold that no one hung around for very long after that, so I was spared the embarrassment of the usual inspection of the DA Dodge restoration progress.

Vicki & I hope everyone had a pleasant evening.


Report by John Courtney