Pub Lunch Run 2021

The sun was shining brightly and warmly as we assembled outside the Johnstone Park clubrooms for what a number of members commented on as being a “civilised” departure time of 10.30. Some rain was forecast, but there was no sign of it yet. 14 cars and 30 people chatted as usual awaiting “starters orders”, among them Jeff and Debb Schiller with their beautiful XJ6 Jaguar, a recent acquisition. This soon caught the admiring eye of Tom West. If only he were still supple enough to get into and out of an XJ6!! Also, Dave and Rhonda Verrall in their lovely little Mini. I think it was a “first run” with this club for both of these cars. Great to have you along.
So, at the appointed time, we set sail for Angaston. The sun poured through the windows and made for very pleasant driving, but we did notice the gathering of clouds on the horizon. Never mind, we should be nearly there before the bad weather arrived. Through Punthari, Cambrai, Sedan and Keyneton, the landscape looking nice and green after recent rain, but the grass not really very long yet. A lovely drive really. The weather was starting to look a bit ordinary by the time we reached Angaston, but not a problem inside the pub.
I was most impressed with the Brauhaus Hotel staff. They really made us welcome and cheerfully looked after us. That has been my impression from my dealings with them in the lead up to the day and they certainly delivered when we arrived. By far the best mob I have dealt with since organising these pub runs, not to mention good value and great tucker. I was most pleased to offer them a vote of thanks from the members before we left.
As usual, there was lots of noise from everyone as we had a few drinks and waited for our meals. And again, as usual, this noise gradually subsided as the meals were presented. From what I could see, a good meal was enjoyed, as was the good company. Eventually it was all over for another year, as everyone gradually dispersed to find their way home.
I must apologise to Terry Mabbett. The Fairmont had cracked a bit of a wobbly and was not idling properly (it does this from time to time) and stalled when we hit the Walker Flat Road. Took you a bit by surprise, didn’t it, Terry. Sorry about that. It played up all day until we got nearly back to Murray Bridge, then came good with only a few kilometres to go. I’ll get to the bottom of it one day (maybe).
Anyway, hope you all had an enjoyable day.
John and Vicki Courtney

Photos courtesy of Graham Edwards