Pub Run

Pub Runs are organised for this time of year so that the weather does not matter too much, but this time we all met on Sunday July 17 at Totness Park in brilliant sunshine. True, the wind was a bit fresh, but it was definitely some of the best weather we have seen for a while. McCue’s Bakery, just across the road, put on a very generous offer for coffee and cake, which quite a few took advantage of and everyone took the opportunity to have a good yarn. There was no real hurry, as we had plenty of time to get to Woodside. Good to see Tyson Pratt, Graham and Maureen Edwards’ grandson, along for the run.

We headed off through Palmer, Tungkillo, Mount Torrens, Charleston and finally, our destination, Woodside. It was a very pleasant drive, with the sun streaming through the windows and the countryside looking very green, although a bit scarred from the recent strong winds. There were lots of branches and trees down, some of them quite large.

In the Woodside Hotel, we quickly made ourselves at home in the dining room. The “Adelaide Hills” contingent had already arrived, so we fairly filled the dining room, which had been closed to all other patrons for us. In all, 56 of us participated in the run. We had been warned that, as we were ordering from their “a la carte” menu, there may be some delays, but the staff handled it all very efficiently. With a drink or two in hand, we could all sit back and solve the world’s problems. Soon the meals started to be served, and what a range of food there was. In the kitchen, they must have been very busy little chefs, not to mention well organised, and the food, from my observations, was great. Some had deserts as well, but as I had partaken of McCues’ offerings, I could not fit anything else in.

I called the kitchen staff out to give them a vote of thanks and congratulations on a job well done, I thought it all went very well. Then it was time for us all to drift off, some to visit antique shops, some to investigate various coffee shops. I would really like to thank those whose situation changed, who were either able or unable to attend and made the effort to let me know. This was really important, as numbers were really tight and although we had been told that 50 was the limit, as you know, we managed to squeeze 56 in. Everyone was accounted for, and that was very much appreciated. Well done. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

John Courtney


FullSizeRenderPhoto courtesy Ricky Kaak