Swanport Cruise Night

Cruise to Swanport Reserve,

Friday February 9th 2018


I am starting to see now what it is like to have a reputation like Howard Wright, except that my reputation for organising club events seems to have nothing to do with rain, just the opposite. As I had foreshadowed at the meeting, on this cruise night, the weather was HOT. None the less, it was really quite pleasant in the shade at Swanport reserve, but we did have to move a couple of times to STAY in the shade. Then when the sun fell a bit lower and the breeze picked up, it was really VERY pleasant.

A total of 16 vehicles turned up. These included Trevor Wehrman’s 1925 Chev Van, Les and Mary Casey’s HZ Holden Premier and Marty Purchase and Maria Chandler’s CL Chrysler Regal, all on their first appearance at a club event. Special mention should go to Ted Julian’s Ford Transit Caravan, also on it’s first run, but obviously still a work in progress, with a number of tools, including TWO drills, spread around the floor. Looking good, though, Ted. Also, good to see new members Pete and Meg Stephens along for their first run.

So that is about all there is to report, really. As usual, we just sat round, drank, ate, talked and inspected some of the vehicles of interest. Very relaxing. All too soon, it was time to go home. Most waited for the Edwards’ Zephyr to depart, so we could savour the exhaust crackle afforded by the recently fitted headers. Probably the best sounding six ever. Then in dribs and drabs, the rest of us also departed into the night. Another pleasant Cruise Night.


John Courtney