Wellington Strawberry Fete

On Sunday October 4, 20 vehicles and occupants left the Clubrooms, the first morning of daylight saving time and travelled to Wellington via Maurice/Hindmarsh Roads, Jervois Road and Flagstaff Road, the latter offering very pleasant countryside scenery along a meandering road. The morning was a little overcast with a light, cool breeze – too cool for some who were looking for their jackets. But the early conditions did not fool us. We knew that the forecast was for a pretty warm 35°.
Arriving at the Wellington Hall, we found that the Fete organisers had done us proud, having roped off the entrance to our designated parking area and providing flags and signs which read “reserved for ACCMB”.

We arranged our cars in an accessible “static display” with the big Club flags flying at each end of the line-up. Members began to set up tables, chairs, etc., under the big trees nearby and then headed towards the stalls area. There was a good array of stalls, music was playing and the BBQ was being prepared ready for lunchtime. The cake stalls sold out very early and it was a case of the early bird getting the worm (or the cake in this instance). However, there were plenty of scones with jam and cream or strawberries with icecream and cream to be had. I can vouch that the strawberries were delicious.

It was obvious that the Wellington Progress Association puts a lot of work and effort into this fundraising event. Essentially, it is the one event in the year to raise funds for the upkeep and improvement of the Wellington Hall.

Our members sat in little groups near the cars or spent time on the lawns near the Hall. Quiet chatting, eating and cuppas were the order of the day. There was a lot of interest in the vehicles by the public attending the Fete, with a steady stream on onlookers inspecting, appreciating and photographing the vehicles. Happily for everyone concerned, the day remained overcast, which kept the temperature down to an agreeable level. During the afternoon, we were approached by one of the organisers, Fiona Elliott, enquiring if a Club member would be willing to address the crowd and give some information on what our Club is about. The obvious contender was our President, John, and he delivered with his usual good humour.  Many thanks, John.

Perhaps the only negative to the day was the number of very active ants underfoot in the parking area and surrounds. They were a bit of a trial for a few of us (including me) and for the people viewing the cars. Much stamping of feet and use of Aeroguard prevailed until the ants’ activity and numbers slackened off a little, just after lunch.

All in all, our Club’s first visit to the Wellington Strawberry Fete was a pleasant Run and was certainly much appreciated by the Fete organisers. We were certainly made welcome, looked after and our Club received wonderful promotion. For all of this we offer a very sincere and big “Thank You” to all concerned, with particular mention of Fiona Elliott and Jude Male.

It was a very pleasing attendance by our members and we thank everyone who joined in on the Run.


Report by Lyn & Tom West