Biggest Morning Tea

It wasn’t a really early start, so we didn’t have to face up to the cold crispness of dawn for this Club Run on Sunday June 26. Some made their individual ways straight to the Mabbitt’s residence, while others met at the Clubrooms and travelled as a group to our Biggest Morning Tea destination. Approximate numbers attending were 33 people in 16 vehicles.
It didn’t take too long for everyone to start tucking into scones with jam and cream, washed down with a welcome, warm cuppa. The general, convivial chatter was interrupted at one stage for “yours truly” to officially welcome everyone, outline the day’s proceedings and to thank Terry and June Mabbitt for making their home and wonderful entertaining area available to our group. Another diversion during the morning was Leon and Jill Matschoss arriving in a newly acquired vehicle, a four-door Torana sedan. That created much interest for the male members present, even tempting them away from the scones, jam and cream!
We left the Mabbitt’s home a little before 11:30 a.m. and headed off to the Murraylands Community Men’s Shed, situated in the Showgrounds complex. We were met by Mick Loeckenhoff and Noel Hackett, two of the founding members of this community project. Our hosts were extremely welcoming, having an urn boiling and tea, coffee and biscuits available for anyone desiring an extended morning tea. When we were settled at the tables in the meeting room, Mick gave a most interesting and passionate address on the history of the development of the Men’s Shed and its purpose, while a slide screen behind him gave a picture story for we onlookers. It is a most impressive story and a most impressive place – a real credit to those involved and a valuable benefit to our community.
After Mick’s address, we were invited to venture into the working part of the establishment and view some of the items made and machinery used. In addition, we made our way outside to rather go green with envy at the wonderful garden and plentiful, healthy produce growing there.

Our members were really impressed and interested in everything on show and by all they heard about the Men’s Shed. During the proceedings, I was able to officially thank Mick and Noel and to hand over a small donation to support their amazing work.
Those who wanted to stayed for a while afterwards to eat their packed lunches, while others went on to do other things.
I wish to thank everyone who attended and the general feeling was that it was a very enjoyable Club Run, even though we didn’t actually travel very far. I also thank those who donated to the Biggest Morning Tea – a total of $160 was raised. Well done, everybody!

Run  cooordinated by Tom and Lyn West and June and Terry Mabbitt.

Report by Lyn West