Cherry Picking Run

It was an early 8 am start for the day’s outing with good weather forecast.  At
8.30 am on Wednesday 7th December  21 members in 11 vehicles left the clubrooms and headed to the
Adelaide hills taking the scenic drive through Dawsley, Brukunga, Woodside
and onto Lenswood. Arriving at the Stella Creek Cherry orchard at 9.45 am
We enjoyed morning tea sitting under the pine trees and looking out over the
panoramic views of the Lenswood Valley.

We registered at the Packing shed, paid a $5 deposit,and were given a plastic bucket for the cherries.Then escorted by a friendly staff member who gave us a talk on the different varieties of cherry trees planted throughout the
orchard along with a taste from each variety that were ripe and ready to pick.
We were then left to fill our buckets while sampling as we picked.

It was not long before we all managed to return back to the shed with our
buckets ladened with tasty cherries. The top weight for the heaviest bucket
went to Brenda Cowie, well done Brenda.
We left Stella Creek at 11.45 am to head back through Lenswood and onto
Oakbank where we were booked into the Hotel Oakbank for lunch.

After the mornings workout on the slopes of the cherry farm it was good to sit
and enjoy our meal with good company and conversation.
President John Courtney thanked Roy and Elaine for organising the days
outing,which was enjoyed by all.


A Stella Creek staff member showing us the correct way to pick the cherries


Deidre and Trevor Kitto filling their bucket with the delicious cherries


Club members relaxing and chatting under the shade of the pine trees