Christmas Pageant 2021

On Saturday November 20th the 2021 Murray Bridge Christmas Pageant was held at Sturt Reserve. Last year the Pageant was cancelled due to Covid 19 restrictions. This year the Pageant was very different to the format that we have been accustomed to prior to Covid 19- a format we perhaps took for granted for the past 50 years. Thanks to the organisers of this year’s event for their ability in adapting the Pageant to conform to SA Health regulations and making it a reality. Limitations such as all participants must travel in vehicles meant that there were no marching bands or walking displays; no throwing of sweets to the crowd; Covid sign in required; and the parade route limited to a lap around Sturt Reserve; etc. This created a very different style of pageant for both the participants and the crowd attending. The weather was cool. The crowd was enthusiastic and welcoming to the parade.
Thank you to the five club cars that joined with Liz, some of our family and me in our Studebaker representing the ACCMB in the pageant. John and Carol Ali in their International Ute, Bruce and Marcia Eldridge in their Mercedes Benz, Bob Hunter in his M.G., Robin Kavooris in his Valiant Wagon and Allen and Eunice Wegener in their Ford Falcon.
There are some S.A. country towns that have cancelled their annual Christmas functions so let us be grateful that Murray Bridge was privileged to have held this event successfully.
Claude and Liz Minge