Cruise Night 2022

With COVID restrictions easing, 20 Auto Collectors Club of Murray Bridge (ACCMB) members driving a mix of 10 modern and classic vehicles, cruised their way to an outdoor BYO dinner get together at Swanport Reserve on the banks of the mighty Murray.

With the weather a little chilly, ACCMB members set up their tables and chairs around the shelter shed.

There were no mosquitos this year, but the Corellas certainly made their presence felt by their deafening, raucous and destruction of the trees and branches at the reserve, spoiling what was meant to be a pleasant and peaceful evening overlooking the river, but instead, the view was chewed leaves and more chewed leaves strewn all over what is such a peaceful lawned reserve.

Two ACCMB members proudly debuted their latest vehicles, lovingly and carefully restored over many long years of hard work.

John and Vicki Courtney were the first to arrive in their 1929 Dodge DA Bud sedan, followed by Jerry and Kerry Wilson driving their 1938 Fiat Topolino Coupe (Topolino is Italian for “Little Mouse”)

After dinner the male members ventured off to give these interesting vehicles the “once over “ inspection, with many favorable comments and questions being asked of their proud owners, John and Jerry, while the ladies sat on the reserve talking amongst themselves in loud voices to overcome the noisy Corellas.

With all inspections of the vehicles attending complete, the evening was becoming rather chilly, signaling it was time to pack up and say their cheerios, before making their way home.

ACCMB celebrates their 50th Golden Anniversary on the weekend of the 26th and 27th March, 2022 with a dinner at the Murray Bridge Golf Club on Saturday evening, followed by a reenactment of the Inaugural run on Sunday,, meeting and leaving from Finlayson Reserve at the Wharf area, before driving to Mannum’s Mary Anne Reserve for BYO morning tea, before returning to the Murray Bridge for lunch and public viewing from about 1-00 pm.

Report by G Edwards

Photos by E Bretag and G Edwards