Cruise to Wellington

Cruise to Wellington  13/02/2015

The idea of a “cruise” run at this time of year is in part because one never knows what the weather will do. This year it promised to be hot, but Wellington proved to be a good choice, as, with a breeze off the lakes and the sun setting behind us, Baker Reserve proved to be very pleasant indeed. Just in case anyone was still just a bit hot, the automatic sprinklers took care of that! In the following commotion to relocate, we were generously assisted by a small group of local skiers who were also using the reserve. All the criticism levelled at the “young people of today” certainly did not apply to this group and with their help, we were soon positioned out of the range of the sprinklers.

Getting back to the serious business of eating, drinking and talking, there was also a steady stream of boats heading downstream to hold our interest, heading to Goolwa for the “Wooden Boat Festival” we wondered?

Anyway, it eventually started to get dark so everyone gradually packed up and went home. A very pleasant evening.

Report by John Courtney