Karoonda Run

18 June 2014

The Sun Gods must having been smiling on the Car Club when we took off for Karoonda. After our two last runs that we organised. when due to rain, we had  to resort to plan “B”, it was good that this trip went off without a hitch…..plus the fact we had no plan “B”!!!! We left the Club rooms with 30 cars and 60 people. It was lovely to be driving along looking at the lovely green scenery and able to see that some re-growth was already coming through.

We stopped at Karoonda with plenty of time for the men to follow Graham Edwards to look at some old farm machinery, whilst the Ladies made a dash for the Bakery/Gift Shop. The shop has a lovely range of gifts ranging in prices to suit all. Arlene Chapman bought two lovely handbags and then went to the Quilting Shop and made more purchases. Most of us were content to grab a lovely cappucino and a pastie. Howard and I called into the Bakery on the way home and bought a couple of pasties for tea.

We then drove 25kms to Jeff & Christine Morgan’s property to view his selection of planes, machinery and his very unusual Camper Home. It really blew us away when we arrived at Morgan’s to find he had organised his DC3 to be pulled out of the hangar and have pride of place in his vast back yard. Some of you may remember that this particular DC3 was originally at “Macca’s” at West Lakes Shopping Centre years ago. You were able to hire the plane for children’s birthday parties. In fact Viktoria Johns brought along a photo of her children standing on the steps of the plane. Great memories. Jeff & Christine made everybody very welcome and went the extra distance when  Christine Morgan brought out to boxes of Lamingtons and Vanilla Slices——sorry for those folks that had already left, but those that were still there enjoyed them.