Middleton Tavern Pub Run


Members patiently waiting for lunch

Leaving Strath, we passed through Ashbourne, Nangkita and Mount Compass, a lot of this through very picturesque “big gum” country, through creeks and wetlands and some excellent views from the hilltops, culminating with sweeping views of Middleton and the surrounding beaches before dropping down the range into Middleton itself.

Many alighted from their cars with the comment, “what a spectacular drive.”  And it was, even if I do say so myself.

The staff at the Tavern had set up our tables in the club colours of maroon and gold and proceeded to look after us extremely well.


Deidre Glen and Jill chatting over a few drinks

Lunch seemed to proceed very efficiently, especially considering all the other patrons that they were looking after as well. I heard no complaints about the food and a pleasant and relaxing time was had by all.

As the afternoon wore on we all drifted away to visit friends and relatives, some to shops, some whale watching (unsuccessful) or just return home.

What a wonderful way to spend a sunny Sunday in the middle of winter.

Hope you all enjoyed yourselves.

Report by John Courtney