The Auto Collectors Club of Murray Bridge Inc. turns 50 next year (2022). This is certainly something to celebrate and to that end a small sub-committee has been formed to organise this. We have had our first meeting but at this stage nothing definite has been organised. It was, however, agreed that we should organise a program along the lines of what we did for the 40th. Anniversary celebrations, namely:-

  • Saturday night dinner for past and present members
  • Sunday morning re-enactment of the club’s inaugural run to Mannum
  • On return to Murray Bridge, public display of club vehicles
  • Sunday BBQ lunch for members and participants

We have tentatively pencilled in the 26th and 27th of March, 2022, for these events.
Obviously much needs to be organised and you will be informed of progress further down the track.
In the meantime, if anyone has any suggestions, memorabilia, photos, etc. that may help us, or would like to come on-board the organising sub-committee, please contact me.

John Courtney, Chairman, 50th Anniversary Sub-Committee.

Please spread the date & word around amongst current, past & Inaugural ACCMB members who are still with us, so that this 50th GOLDEN Anniversary will be a very special milestone for all those who have been involved in the “Life & Times” of the ACCMB.
Thanks, 50th Anniversary Committee