Hi Members.

As you would have heard at the 2023 ACCMB AGM when nominations were read out – I indicated that I will be standing down from this position at the next AGM (2024).

After 13 years in this position I feel it is time to stand aside and let a younger person take on that Committee position.

I indicated that an apprentice for the remainder of the 2023-2024 Club year would be to the advantage of the club, to learn the ins & outs of dealing with the media & all that goes with the position.

It is and has been a very rewarding 13 years for me and I know for many, many regular readers in the public, who look forward to reading what the ACCMB has done & is about to do.

So, I would like to remind ALL ACCMB Members, that unless this position has been filled by next AGM, the ACCMB will be without a committee person acting as Publicity/Archives to handle this very important part of a very successful club that will be 52 years of age next March.

To the 250 plus members of this club, please give this URGENT/SERIOUS consideration to serve the remainder of this 2023-2024 year as my Publicity Apprentice.

This would please me no end, and I am sure the President & Committee of the ACCMB. Please contact me if you are interested in becoming my apprentice for the remainder of the Club year, & I will outline what duties need to be performed.

Kind Regards,

Graham Edwards, Current Publicity/Archives Officer.   22-9-2023


Passed away 17-3-2023 — Aged 78 years.

By Graham Edwards- Publicity & Archives

By now all Auto Collectors Club of Murray Bridge (ACCMB) members who have an email club contact address, would be aware of the passing away of Past Inaugural  ACCMB member Roger Ingerson.

A brief history of Roger’s years in the ACCMB for those who hadn’t had the privilege of knowing him.

Roger attended the meeting that the late Vernon Graetz organized in Dutton’s building on Wednesday, March 29th, 1972, of local vintage vehicle enthusiasts in the area, to see if there was enough interest in forming a car club.

As a result of that meeting, a Committee was formed of which Roger Ingerson became the club’s first Vice President from 1972 – 1974, then progressing onto the position of Club President from 1974 – 1976.

While holding these positions, Roger also Co-Produced the ACCMB first monthly Newsletter from 1972 – 1975 using a hand operated “spirit duplicator”.

Roger’s love of classic vehicles included many cars, including Fiat, Alpha Romeo, BMW, Porsche and he had only just recently acquired a Ford Mustang.

Roger will also be remembered in the story of “THE CLUB BUS” that he and longtime ACCMB club friend, Jerry Wilson purchased from the ACCMB for $500, and along with a group of family and friends, drove the 1939 – 33 seater “Diamond T” passenger bus to Perth and back in 1980. “The Bus” now fully restored, resides in the National Birdwood Motor Museum, after a somewhat color full life story.

Members of the ACCMB would like to pay tribute to the late Roger Shand Ingerson for his foresight

and efforts in helping in the formation of this 51-year-old and successful Auto Collectors Club.

The President, Committee and Members of the ACCMB would like to express their “Sincere Condolences” to Roger’s wife, Carol, and children, Briony and Julian.

“Rest in Peace” — Roger, and “Thank You” for a job well done.

L-R Roger cleaning Repco 1979 Round Aust Trial- 1969 Peugeot 404.    * 1st Club Newsletter June 1972.                       *  Roger, Jerry, and the group with “The Bus” at Kings Park in Perth. 1980.