Pizza Night

First event on the club calendar for the 2017 year was once again the Pizza night on Friday January 20. This year the weather was pleasantly cool but most still elected to sit in the shade, at least to start off with. As usual a very relaxed evening followed with the usual banter and discussions about what everyone got up to over the Festive Season. Good to see new members Les and Mary Casey along for a look at what they have gotten themselves into, I hope we behaved ourselves. Then I lost the plot and forgot what time I had ordered the Pizzas for, but fortunately there was no shortage of people to remind me, in particular my good wife Vicki. Thanks for your help everyone!!!

This year the pizzas were supplied by Pizza Hut, same people running the show (thanks Marie, for looking after us again), but different product, so I had to take an educated guess as to how many we would need. Just when I think I have got the hang of this pizza ordering, the size and shape change and I have to think again. Well, it did not go too badly and no one went hungry. The hungry hordes were again fed in two batches, about 30 minutes apart, so for a while the noise level decreased to a soft roar, as appetites were satisfied. As usual, watermelon and pineapple then filled any remaining gaps.
Having avoided a shed inspection last year, I was not so lucky this time.
Progress on the DA Dodge restoration was inspected and it was agreed that there actually had been some (well, it is actually two years since the last “viewing”, so there should be some progress). The fact that it is now on four wheels helped that impression.

And so the evening gradually drew to a close, with everyone departing into the night in dribs and drabs. Hope you all had a good time.

John & Vicki Courtney