Sausage Sizzle & Biggest Morning Tea


Club members began arriving at the venue from about 10:00 a.m.  It was a rather cool and cloudy morning, but promised to fine up as the day progressed, which it did.  Our hosts, Terry, and June Mabbitt, had organised their rather special indoor/outdoor venue to perfection.  Everything was ready for the annual Club Sausage Sizzle and Biggest Morning Tea event.

Throughout the day, there were people arriving and leaving at different times, in keeping with their personal commitments.  In all, 32 people attended, in 13 historic cars and 6 moderns.

Just after 10:30 a.m., Lyn West opened the proceedings by welcoming everyone and thanking Terry and June for hosting the day at their home.  She then invited everyone to take part in the Biggest Morning Tea, with scones, jam, and cream, and invited those who wished to make a donation to the Cancer Council.

Meanwhile, people were invited to wander out into the sunshine to a shed at the back to take their pick of books which Terry no longer wished to keep.  “Help yourselves!” said Terry.  In addition, Mary Rowley had brought a few items no longer required at her home to offer to people for a donation.  These donations were later added to the other donations for the Cancer Council.  (Thanks, Mary!)

At about 11:30 a.m., June introduced Graham Edwards, who had been prepped to give a “Who Am I?” talk to the group.  Graham gave a most interesting address on a synopsis of his life, most of it spent in Murray Bridge and surrounds.  There are always a few surprises for the listeners when hearing about others’ life stories.  Thank you, Graham!

At the end of Graham’s address, Terry Mabbitt and Tom West headed for the barbecue and soon the pleasant aroma of onions and sausages cooking wafted round and about.  Assisted by Brenda Cowie, June Mabbitt brought out bread to sit alongside the sauce bottles, in anticipation of the sausages and onions soon to be joining them.  And before long, members were lining up to help themselves to a tasty lunch.  Some had brought accompanying salads, and some were quite happy with sausages/onions/sauce on bread. 

In the afternoon, there were two games set up for willing participants.  At one end of the outdoor area, contestants could throw a couple of plastic hoops onto a large mat which was numbered in squares.  Scores were kept by Brenda and went towards individuals’ tallies for the annual trophy for the Sausage Sizzle Club Run.  Simultaneously, at the other end of the venue, a fun game of “laying an egg” (in reality – a ping-pong ball!) into an egg carton, which had numbers 1-12 in each section.  There was much hilarity watching members hold the ball between their thighs and walk (hobble/totter/shuffle, etc.) to the carton and “lay” their egg.  Lyn West scored this event and the scores of both games were added together for individuals to find a winner of the trophy, which will be divulged at the Presentation Dinner in June of this year.

After the games were over, people began packing up to make their way home.  It seemed that everyone had enjoyed a happy day with lots of pleasant social interaction and laughter.  There were many positive comments volunteered as people said their goodbyes.

Donations to the Cancer Council raised $270 and a big “Thank You” goes to all from Lyn.

(Sausage Sizzle organised by June and Terry Mabbitt.  Biggest Morning Tea organised by Lyn and Tom West.  Report written by Lyn West.)