Wellington Courthouse Run

9 April 2014

It would seem that whenever we plan a Car Run it rains! Once again, this was true to form.

After phoning Walker Flat Store and to be told that it was wet and miserable, it was decided to use “Plan B”.  We met 14 people at the Clubrooms and invited them back to our home for morning smoko and spent a very noisy hour getting to know each other. Jan Emmerson, who was born at Tailem Bend, told us a tale of her being dared to jump off the railway bridge at Murray Bridge, which she did!  And right into the mud!

Eventually, we left for the Wellington Courthouse, led by Roy and Elaine Bretag.  We drove via Flagstaff Road through to the Langhorne Creek Road and on to Wellington for lunch at the Courthouse. Their “hamburgers with the lot” were certainly a “lot” – definitely a two-handed effort. Pat Kuss ordered wedges and the dish which arrived would have fed a family of four for a week at least (joke). However, Pat did not let the side down and, between her and a few others, managed to eat the lot.

We then had a look through the old Courthouse, which was very interesting, and some of us were shown the new accommodation. The accommodation has been recently upgraded and deserves a mention –  very well-appointed and furnished.

Then it was on to the ferry and into Tailem Bend. We visited the Museum and also the local craft shop. By then it was 3 o’clock, so we decided to head home. Two membership couples, Eric & Pat Kuss and Basil & Lyn Zadow, drove their historic cars, while the rest of us used our modern cars.

So, what do you do on a rainy day in Murray Bridge? Why, you get a few people together and get out and enjoy the day and each other’s company. Remember –  don’t hide them, drive them!

(Report written by Howard Wright)