12 – 14 August 2023 Port Pirie Run

Andy and I arrived at the Clubrooms about 8:00 a.m., expecting a large number of cars. There were 4 olds, my EJ, Ian & Lynette Buchanan’s Camaro, Ricky Kaak in her camper and David Negrin in his corvette. At the departure time, all engines started except Ricky. The Camper had a flat battery, but Ricky was prepared and with jumper leads and a quick jump start, we were on our way.

It rained, not heavy, through to Palmer, Tungkillo, Mount Pleasant, Williamstown to Gawler. Having Andy and G.P.S. on his phone, made thing easy. Through Gawler, Mallala, and then Port Wakefield, where we had a quick morning tea. Wayne & Viktoria Johns and Han & Deidre Robat met us there. We went left to Kulpara, Ninnes, Bute, Port Broughton, and onto Port Pirie. We arrived at the R.S.L. about 12:41 p.m. and were welcomed by the President, Haydin Madigan. The volunteers had prepared a light lunch of pies, pasties, sausage rolls and scones, jam, and cream. After lunch we worked our way through the display. The Huey Helicopter was the favourite. Graham took several photos of us in it and around it. We left the R.S.L.  and went to our accommodation. We met at the Risdon Hotel for tea where we were entertained by the women’s football.

Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. we met at the Transport Museum, starting with a small shed. It had a lot of small bits and pieces. We made our way into the big shed, which was full of you name it, it was in there, followed by a very nice barbeque lunch and salad. I was about to thank them for lunch when Claude beat me to it. Thanks Claude. The Railway Museum was closed for renovations.

On Monday morning, myself, Andy, Jeff & Aileen Martin, John & Lelene Schwerdt made our way to Yacka. Steve Hyde had a large collection of old photos of the town. He also had an old FX Holden. It was sold new from the same garage. It was found on a farm under a tree. We talked about it for about an hour, then made our way home. I think we all had a good weekend. Thank you for attending.