ELECTED OFFICE BEARERS          2023/2024


PATRON                               Bob Hunter                        

PRESIDENT                          Harry Howitt                     

VICE PRESIDENT                 Claude Minge                   

SECRETARY                         Debbie Schiller                 

ASST SECRETARY               Elizabeth Minge               

TREASURER                        Jan Hall                                

REGISTRAR                         Darren Fountain              

ASST. REGISTRAR 1            Tim Stroh                           

ASST.  REGISTRAR 2          David Burt                          

ASST.  REGISTRAR 3          Andrew MacKinnon

ASST.  REGISTRAR 4          Jeff Schiller                        

PUBLICITY                          Graham Edwards             

MEMBERSHIP                    Trevor Wehrman                             

POINTS SECRETARY          Elaine Bretag                                                                     

WEBMASTER                     Pieter Kriel                         

ASST. WEBMASTER            Yvonne Mach                    

EDITOR                               Yvonne Mach                    

ASST EDITOR                      Peter Mach                        

COMMITTEE                       Brenda Cowie, Shirley Sellick, Tim Stroh, John Courtney and Brett Zastera.

HALL REPS.                         Jan Hall and Brett Zastera.

FEDERATION REP.               Andrew MacKinnon                         

AUDITOR                             To Be Filled

LIBRARIAN                         Ricky Kaak                                       

PROPERTY OFFICER           To Be Filled

CLUB HISTORIAN               Graham Edwards                             

PUBLIC OFFICER                Debbie Schiller



Hi Members.

As you would have heard at the 2023 ACCMB AGM when nominations were read out – I indicated that I will be standing down from this position at the next AGM (2024).

After 13 years in this position I feel it is time to stand aside and let a younger person take on that Committee position.

I indicated that an apprentice for the remainder of the 2023-2024 Club year would be to the advantage of the club, to learn the ins & outs of dealing with the media & all that goes with the position.

It is and has been a very rewarding 13 years for me and I know for many, many regular readers in the public, who look forward to reading what the ACCMB has done & is about to do.

So, I would like to remind ALL ACCMB Members, that unless this position has been filled by next AGM, the ACCMB will be without a committee person acting as Publicity/Archives to handle this very important part of a very successful club that will be 52 years of age next March.

To the 250 plus members of this club, please give this URGENT/SERIOUS consideration to serve the remainder of this 2023-2024 year as my Publicity Apprentice.

This would please me no end, and I am sure the President & Committee of the ACCMB. Please contact me if you are interested in becoming my apprentice for the remainder of the Club year, & I will outline what duties need to be performed.

Kind Regards,

Graham Edwards, Current Publicity/Archives Officer.   22-9-2023