The new code of practice is effective as of July 1st 2017  any vehicles 30 years or older are eligible including left hand drive,  historic vehicles and street rods.

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 Download MR 1457 Form for modifications to light vehicles



TWIN BRIDGES RALLY – 20th – 22nd October

Dear Past and Intending Twin Bridges Rally attendees,

It has been brought to our attention today, that despite all of the Twin Bridges Rally organizers careful planning of the 2017 dates, from September to October so as not to clash with events in and around our area, such as Bay to BIrdwood, AFL, Father’s Day & local Football / Netball finals. One organization has chosen to relocate also from September to October since we planned our new date.

The purpose of this reminder is to stress to all who may be contemplating attending our Twin Bridges Rally – 2017, to BOOK YOUR ACCOMODATION NOW ( if you haven’t already done so ) so as to avoid disappointment

Would you please pass the word around to other clubs and club members who may not have attended the 2015 Twin Bridges Rally.

Please find a list of all local accommodation for your convenience.

Regards & hope to see you at the 2017 Twin Bridges Rally.

Twin Bridges Rally Coordinators

Graham & Maureen Edwards,

Roy & Elaine Bretag


Neil & Ricky Kaak



2017 Twin Bridges Rally

Our Twin Bridges Rally committee have set the date for the 2017 rally. This new date has been chosen as a result of feedback, which was in favour of avoiding  the clash with Father’s Day, AFL , SANFL and local footy finals, and to prevent major car parking issues if there is a final at Johnstone Park.

The date for the 2017 Twin Bridges Rally is now OCTOBER 20th22nd 201



While our Rally Sponsors are generous with items for our raffle draws during the weekend, they are predominantly weighted towards men.

If any lady club members would like to make and donate any items suitable for ladies prizes, they will be most welcome. Small items will be put together as a package. If you have a talent in knitting, crochet, embroidery, quilting or other craft and are willing to contribute something, no matter how small ( eg a covered coat hanger ) it will be gratefully received.

A small amount of donations have already been received. Many thanks to those people for these items.

You may wish to indicate your intentions to donate to the Ladies TBR committee. Listed are their names and phone numbers. Maureen (0428 813 070) Elaine (0438 425 791) Ricky (0434 945 504)

You will have from now until the 30th September to complete and hand your donation to T.B.Rally Committee members, Maureen, Elaine or Ricky. THANK YOU




The Auto Collectors Club of Murray Bridge Inc.


  • Participants must be at the Event/Run departure point at the time designated. If you have nominated to attend but are unable to, please let Event Marshall/Run Leader know as soon as possible.

  • Participants shall obey directions given by the Event Marshall/Run Leader.

  • Participants may overtake slower vehicles on the run if they wish providing it is safe to do so..

  • Participants to leave at least 100m between vehicles unless about to overtake.

  • Participants should assist “general public” vehicles to overtake where appropriate and exhibit courtesy to other road users at all times.

  • Render assistance to other participants experiencing difficulties as appropriate.

  • When leaving a stopping place such as a picnic ground, make sure that the area is left as it was found.

  • During summer months, ensure that there is no fire ban before lighting barbecues.

  • Alcohol is strictly limited to meal breaks only.

  • Make the Event as trouble free as possible by ensuring that your vehicle is mechanically sound before leaving home.

  • Members must not stand or gather on the right hand side of their vehicles on sides of roadways.

  • All members must drive their vehicles in a manner which reflects positively on the Club.

  • If indicators are not fitted to the vehicle, appropriate hand signals must be used at all times

  • Carry current, suitably endorsed, Log Book and Certificate(s) of Exemption as applicable.

  • All vehicles must be in a roadworthy condition.

  • Passengers are to be limited to the seating capacity of the vehicle. Where fitted, seat belts must be worn.

  • Participants to notify Event Marshall/Run Leader should they need to depart the event/run before the intended completion time.


  • Ensure Event/Run starts on time.

  • Issue and collect itinerary sheets and competition forms as necessary.

  • Run Leader should attempt to travel at 80Kph on an open road or freeway.

  • Run leader must ensure all participants are aware of the next stopping point where participants will re-group.

  • Where possible, maintain check on the presence of all vehicles in the Event.

  • When designated, ensure that the ‘Tail End Charlie’ is fully equipped with mobile phone, tow rope, water, etc. as appropriate. ‘Tail End Charlie’ to also ensure no one is left behind

  • Act as Club representative in the event of an accident or unusual circumstances.


Applicants for Provisional Membership must be present in person when their application is presented to the club at a General Meeting.
On first joining the Club, for the first year of membership, newly accepted members shall be classed as “Provisional Members”. In that year, Provisional Members will be required to attend at least:-

  • Two meetings and one event

  • One meeting and two events

At the end of twelve months, if they have satisfactorily completed the above, the Membership Officer will confirm their status as a Full Member. Provisional Members shall have the same rights and responsibilities as Full Members.


There are two main DPTI documents that persons who have vehicles on “Club Registration”, or intend to have, must be familiar with.
Club Registration Code of Practice Effective 1 July 2017
MR1457 Modifications to Passenger Cars, Utilities, Panel Vans and 4WD Passenger Vehicles
Copies of these documents may be accessed by clicking on the above links.

In addition, the following rules apply to members availing themselves of “Club Registration” through THIS club:-

The vehicle must be inspected by a Club Registrar before an MR334 or Log Book will be issued.

  • Any modifications must be legal. This may be determined by, but not limited to, MR1457.

  • Those applying for “Club Registration” must be aware that the Club Registrar is obliged to report to the DPTI, any questionable modifications that do not have a “Certificate of Exemption” issued for them. This MAY require inspection at Regency Park.

  • The Club Registrars from time to time, may request the inspection of any vehicle.

  • A “Review Committee” has been formed within the club, to clarify any issue should a dispute arise from this process