Economy Run (Drive Your Old Vehicle Day)

In threatening weather conditions, following 5mls rain overnight, vehicles assembled at our Clubrooms at the designated time for signing in and for the distribution of a map of the proposed route. With misty drizzle falling, one member, with hands up-turned, said, (quote) “I take it Howard’s coming” (end of quote).

Our departure time of 9:30 a.m. was met when 12 vehicles and 24 personnel ventured out of the N-Western gate via Thomas Street and Cypress Terrace to the Mannum Road junction and then continuing to the Palmer turnoff and proceeding towards Palmer for approx. 12 kms. At Pallamana (now a locality), we turned left to Monarto, passing the “Rollo airstrip”. At the 5-road junction at Monarto, we took Theile Road and headed for the 5,000,000 gallon tanks on Disher Hill, overlooking the Bondleigh Bremer Valley and from which the Kanmantoo Mines could be seen. Vegetation plantings could be seen at this juncture, along with hectares of canola, bathed in brilliant sunlight, and cereal and legume crops (what a picture!). It was great to see the countryside looking so green.

Our first stop was at the Callington Oval complex, where we partook of our morning cuppa, etc. Slips were handed out to members on which they could estimate the approx m.p.g. of a 1965 Ford XP auto on this Run. The results will be announced and a trophy awarded at the Presentation Dinner in March 2015.

After leaving Callington, our next stop (for lunch) was in the picturesque park by the river in Strathalbyn and where ample parking and shelter was available, if required, even though it hadn’t rained since leaving Murray Bridge. A mother duck and her clutch of 18-19 ducklings were enjoying the environment on the lawned areas, whilst our members also enjoyed this pleasant atmosphere. Members were enlightened as to how the Paul Kruger Trophy (Economy Run) was introduced to our Club. It was explained for the benefit of our newer members.

The time for departure for the remaining part of the Run was announced, allowing members to disperse in whichever direction they found most convenient. For those completing the planned Run, the Leader and “Tail-End Charlie” continued through Langhorne Creek to the newly constructed Ferries MacDonald Road and on to Monarto South. From there, we followed the Old Princes Highway to Murray Bridge.

We certainly enjoyed the relaxation and views on the Run and the pleasure of providing this to our members and we thank them for their attendance.

Report by Neil and May Schubert