Ladies Day Run

6 cars with 11 members left the Clubrooms on Wednesday September 16 in overcast conditions. The Scarmans were waiting for us in Mt. Pleasant and it was bitterly cold, but by the time we had finished morning tea the sun was out.
The drive through the countryside to Tanunda was extremely pleasant with trees blooming everywhere. We stopped at Mengler’s Hill Sculpture Park and, apart from the spectacular view of the valley, we enjoyed looking at the unusual shapes of some of the sculptures.
On arrival at our venue, there were only two who intended to play minigolf. It was suggested that, maybe, ten-pin bowling would be the way to go and we finished up with 1 team of 4 players and another of 3 players. With plenty of “helpful” comments and cheering from our spectators, we managed to complete our game with Graham Edwards attaining the highest score for his team and Mike Chapman being the highest scorer for his team.
We then ordered lunch, which was a while in coming but very enjoyable when it did.  In the meantime we chatted, sitting in the outdoor area, and a “dementia quiz” was presented to members. (I think some of us may have a problem!)  The Trophy Quiz was met with “I don’t know any of these answers!”, but three ladies managed to give it a go. Presentation Night could be a surprise!
As we came through the doors to drive home, we were surprised to find it was raining heavily, but nothing like the storms we heard about later.
Thanks to those who came on the Run. It was a fun day and I hope you all enjoyed yourselves.

Report written by Brenda Cowie