Murray Bridge Show 23/9/2023

Once again, the Murray Bridge A. & H. Society has been and gone and the Club was asked to supply a display of some of the vehicle’s members are so proud of. It would seem that many of our owners are extremely busy and unable to attend at this time of the year. However, despite that, 6 names were listed as being able to attend on the sheet at the last meeting and they gathered at our usual position on the Showgrounds on Saturday morning. Our numbers were increased by some new members showing up and joining the early arrivals. As the spectators arrived, they wandered around the vehicles and got to speak to the owners, who were only too willing to explain all the attractions of the displayed vehicles. It is amazing how many onlookers will start their conversation with “my grandfather, or my uncle had one of these models which were exactly the same as this one, only it was a different colour and had a lot more accessories fitted”. The weather was excellent and soon the owners took out the chairs and tables and settled down to a lot of conversations, mostly about cars, etc. As the crowd increased more questions and stories were exchanged between owners and spectators and all seemed satisfied that the display was a very interesting one indeed. Because the “Grand Parade” was not included in the display for the day, we were able to have an “early minute” and were able to start on our way home around mid-afternoon. All in all, it was a good display, and the weather was in our favour. I thank all the members who were able to attend and present their vehicles.