Pinnaroo Campout

Wayne and I left for Pinnaroo Friday afternoon with Mike and Arlene Chapman, arriving at Parilla for the night.
Compliments to the chef and also the staff who set up the beer garden for us with lights, music, tables, cloths, chairs and two toasty warm fires blazing as we walked in. I thought hospitality plus, as we were a group of 20 or so.
Left the park across the road from Parilla Hotel Saturday morning for Pinnaroo, where we settled in for the rest of the weekend.
Grouped at the show grounds’ main gate, left at 1:15 p.m. for an afternoon at Murrayville, across the border in Victoria. Arriving at Ken and Brenda Menzel’s place, there were 51 adults and 3 children. We viewed the amazing rideable large scale trains, carriages and track layout outside, which unfortunately couldn’t be ridden due to water erosion in the ballast.
Inside, Brenda’s paintings were on display which consisted mainly of water colours and a few acrylics. In the next room we watched model trains going round the tracks and absorbed the detail of the huge diorama. Others enjoyed looking at the plants in the garden area. Also there were many varieties of birds in their cages.
Afternoon tea of scones, jam and cream or savoury scones and a cuppa. Then Ken and Brenda were thanked for their hospitality and it was back to Pinnaroo for our B.B.Q. night. We were informed that there would be some entertainment. Unbeknownst to me WE were the entertainment. If I may briefly explain:- Men were up first, one chosen from each car club. They were asked to make a sandwich (butter, cheese and begemite). Easy you say? Well try doing it blindfolded. Then the ladies’ turn, butter, peanut paste and jam.
The results:- Trevor Wehrman (ACCMB) – 15 points
Viktoria Johns (ACCMB) – 25 points
Total score of 40 points which would be added on to Sunday morning’s games.
From the cheering, screams, clapping and excitement the games were FUN! and enjoyed by all.
Results being:- 4th Riverland 218 points
3rd Bordertown 248 points
2nd Murray Mallee 261 points
1st Murray Bridge 269 points
YES, WE WON! and have brought the Conrod Trophy back to Murray Bridge.
The weather was superb the whole weekend.
Report: Viktoria Johns