Callington Show

9 cars left the Clubrooms for Callington at 9 am sharp on October 30. The weather was quite good, but the closer we got to Callington, the stronger the wind became, with the dust blowing across from Kanmantoo mines.
One member left earlier in his older car and another was waiting near the Callington oval. We were later joined by two members from the Cadillac Club who were invited by Ben Wye (who unfortunately could not be there himself because of ill health).
We managed to get our Club flags in place, despite the gale blowing, and commandeered a shelter shed just off the oval for morning tea, etc. Once again, we were part of the “Calli-Trail” and proceeded to give Neutrog products to those following the “Trail”.
Unfortunately, while some of us were taking in the events and the many stalls, it started to rain and the dust continued to add to our discomfort (you might imagine what the cars were looking like by the time we came home!).
There were several light showers during the day, with gale force winds, but this didn’t seem to deter the general public. There seemed to be just as many people present as usual.
The wind and dust worsened as the day wore on, so some of our members opted to leave a bit earlier, as did some of the stall holders.
One of our members, Alan Wegener, registered for the Ute Muster and won cash and a first place ribbon for “Cleanest and Best in Class”. Well done, Alan!
All in all, it was a disappointing day in some ways, especially for the organisers, but we’ll be back next year because it’s the best country show around!

Report: Brenda Cowie