Cruise to Swanport Reserve

Friday February 7th 2020

Possible thunder storms were forecast. Thunderstorms are notoriously haphazard, so would they really happen at Swanport Reserve? The answer was “yes”, but more of that later. Initially the weather was not too bad, so we parked on the lawns (we had special dispensation from Council after all) away from the gum trees. The trees contained huge numbers of corellas, so parking under them was a bit hazardous, but a short distance away was OK, if a little noisy.
So we all settled down for a good talk, feed and drink, in very pleasant surroundings. I think that we were down a bit on numbers from other years. The forecast probably frightened a few off and I heard of at least one, as he left the front door of his house and being confronted with a huge clap of thunder, decided that this was no place for a Corvette and promptly returned inside his house. It was, however, good to see new members, Stephen and Cindy Perkins with the immaculate Rover 3500 and also “old’ member David Burt with his pristine EH Holden. Great to hear the history of the Holden too.
Never the less, all was well for some time, but eventually the sky got blacker and blacker, the lightening closer and brighter, the thunder louder and louder. A heavy shower of rain forced everyone to take shelter, a few in their cars, but most under the shelter shed. A bit crowded, but not cold, so we were able to finish our tucker and drinks.
When the rain ceased, we were able to spread out again, but by then, enthusiasm had waned a bit and we all gradually drifted off to our homes. A pleasant enough little gathering while it lasted!

John Courtney