Monday the 13th May 2024, saw the commencement of the 11-day Federation of Historic Motor Clubs S.A. (FOHMCSA) “Meet the Clubs Tour of the South East Safari”.

First stop was to the Auto Collectors Club of Murray Bridge (ACCMB) at their Johnstone Park clubrooms for their midday lunch, while ACCMB Life Member Brenda Cowie and caterer, with her team of “lovely” volunteers, were preparing for a welcoming midday meal of cold meat and salads, along with a delicious serving of sweets and ice cream for the 43 visitors on the run.

24 vehicles, of which 3 were towing their caravans, and classic vehicles ranging from a 1938 Dodge Desoto SP5, through the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s with a 1990 VW Golf M1 Cabriolet being the most modern on the run.

As the guests settled into their seats chatting about what the rest of the day was going to bring, ACCMB President, Harry Howitt welcomed all present and hoped they would enjoy their brief visit to Murray Bridge.

Following lunch, “South East Safari” committee spokesperson, Mr. Doug Hill outlined further details of the “Safari”, with the first nights stopover being at Bordertown. The purpose of the FOHMCSA “South East Safari”, is to meet with Car Clubs in country towns. These clubs do not have the opportunity to meet with people, as the city clubs do. The clubs that the “Safari” visit, will have the chance as hosts, to suggest places of interest to visit, while supplying meals, as well as meeting with the members on tour.

In concluding, Mr. Hill thanked the ACCMB and the ladies for hosting such a wonderful lunch.

ACCMB President thanked the group for coming, before wishing them a safe and happy tour.

From Murray Bridge, the “South East Safari” will travel and stay a few nights at Bordertown, Naracoorte, Mount Gambier, Portland, Kingston Sth. East before returning to Middleton, on the 24th May, where the 2024 “FOHMCSA South East Safari” will conclude, with a farewell evening dinner to be held at the Middleton Tavern, to say their goodbye’s to each other, and I am sure there will be many stories told about different aspects of the tour, including discussion about the best or worst of the makes and models of vehicles seen at other clubs visited whilst on tour, and reflecting on another successful run.

(Thank you to Brenda Cowie and assistants for organizing the luncheon, and Graham Edwards for this report and photos.)