Pizza Night 17/01/2020

Well again we managed to be quite fortunate with the weather, as it was pleasantly cool. In fact, I was left wondering if we needed a bigger back lawn or maybe everyone had just huddled together to keep warm. Still, it is not difficult to put on a jumper and most did before too long. Love the beanie, Liz. But cool is definitely much better than the couple of scorchers that we have had in the past. As usual, everyone sought to catch up with what we had all been up to over the Christmas break along with any gossip or news. A few drinks helped to settle the dust as well while we awaited the Pizza Hut deliveries.
The Pizzas duly arrived on time which quietened the masses with the second batch seeming to top everyone up nicely. The usual pineapple and water melon also hit the spot. By then it was time to inspect the annual progress of the DA Dodge, so quite a number of curious members adjourned to the shed to discuss various restoration issues. Again, while there had been progress over the last year, it was not as much as I had hoped. But we are getting there. Liz took the opportunity to test my vintage intercom system from the house to the shed, using the PMG era switchboard that had once been destined for Lalirra Exchange. Works beautifully.
A few then checked out the “memorabilia room”, although there had not been a lot of progress there either, other than the addition of the painted DA mudguards and a table and chairs, none of which really should have been there anyway. If I am not careful, it will become just another storage shed. Fortunately the table and chairs have since found another home, so with any luck I can again start adding some new stuff. At least the petrol bowser is completely finished.
By now the crowd was beginning to thin out and soon they had all toddled off home. Vicki & I hope you all had a very pleasant evening as we certainly did. Thanks for making it another successful “Pizza night”.
John & Vicki Courtney