Pizza Night 2018

To say that I was worried about the weather would be an understatement. The weather report said 44 degrees and I had seen 48.5 degrees in the pergola the day before. However, a slight change was forecast and we often get an evening breeze, so I figured that the worst that could happen would be that we would all sit inside and turn up the air conditioner. Various members put forward solutions ranging from adding more cans to the esky to war games with water pistols. Some members rang to cancel, but every time that happened, someone else would ring to take their place, so I decided to continue.

I need not have worried at all. The first few to arrive I ushered inside, but we quickly realised that there was a quite cool breeze blowing along the veranda and that providing one kept out of the sun, it was very pleasant indeed. As the sun got lower and the shade increased, it got better still. And so, the first event on the club calendar for the 2018 year was once again up and running at full steam. The usual very relaxed evening followed with the customary catch up stories and discussions about what everyone got up to over the Festive Season. Great to see new members Marty Purchase and Maria Chandler from Murray Bridge, Ron and Avril Gartrell from Mannum and Colin and Raelene Wegener from Callington joining us. Not so many “interesting” cars parked out the front this year (lack of air conditioning?), but I noticed that the Rowleys, Wests and Mike Chapman did not disappoint, arriving in style in proper vehicles.

            The pizzas were again supplied by Pizza Hut, arriving on time to feed the starving hoards, then another batch to make sure everyone had their fill. The customary water melon and pineapple followed to fill any remaining gaps and provide a refreshing finish to the meal.

Some members had a look at the recently completed, but not yet stocked “memorabilia room” (for want of a better description) shed extension, but fortunately no one requested an inspection of the Dodge progress, fortunate because there has been very little progress at all this year. Maybe next year!!!

            And so the evening gradually drew to a close, with everyone departing into the night in dribs and drabs. Hope you all had a good time.

Report:  John & Vicki Courtney

Photos: Rhonda Scarman

Deidre Kitto (left) and Mary Rowley relaxing and enjoying the evening.

Dennis Kuchel (left) and Tom West enjoying a chat in the cool breeze

New ACCMB members Ron Gartrell and his wife Avril enjoying their first Pizza Night with the club.

Myra Wright (sitting) with from left to right: Lyn West, Val Wade and June Mabbitt