Pizza Night 2021

This year the Pizza night took on a bit greater significance, not only was it the first event for the year, as usual, but the first event of ANY kind since November, thanks to Covid-19. No December meeting, no Christmas picnic. All a bit grim, really, so wasn’t it great to finally catch up with a heap of friends again. True, numbers were restricted by Covid-19 limitations, but we probably would not have many more anyway.
But COLD! After a few years of really hot weather, last year was pleasantly cool, but this year was so cold that rugs were the fashion and a spot in the sun at a premium. Someone was heard to comment “I wish this global warming would kick in”. I guess that the up side was that the mosquitos did not like the weather either, so kept clear. None of this stopped us having a few refreshments while catching up on what everyone had been doing over the last few months, though. Good to see new member David Negrin come along.
Eventually the Pizza Hut Pizzas arrived and that quietened everyone down for a while. As usual they were very good and everyone had their fill. The usual water melon and pineapple followed to fill up any space that remained.
The annual progress of the DA Dodge again came into question, so quite a few wandered up to the shed to see for themselves. And significant progress had indeed occurred. Covid-19 had to be good for something! Apart from the interior, the old Dodge was looking fairly complete, with only headlights and front bumpers to be fitted (and a lot of little bits and pieces), but it finally looked like a real car at last. An added bonus was that it was relatively warm in the shed, but of course those still on the back lawn were nearly frozen solid, so it was time for everyone to go home.
Vicki & I hope you all had a very pleasant evening as we certainly did. Thanks for making it another successful “Pizza night”.

John & Vicki Courtney