Pizza Night

17 January 2014

The first event for the year, the Pizza Night at the Courtney’s attracted just short of 60 members this year. There were a few unable to attend due to fire related issues and there were many comments made and hopes expressed that they would be OK.

Fortunately that was the case, but the searing heat of the whole week had been a worry and had ended badly for many, not to mention uncomfortably for the rest of us. Nevertheless, it was good to catch up after the Christmas break to see what everyone had been up to.

The start of the evening was very hot and then the change blew in (and I mean BLEW)but eventually it became quite cool and refreshing and it was pretty well dark when most left. Not much entertainment was provided during the evening but Jill Matchoss made up for it with a “wardrobe malfunction”. The situation was remedied by Graham Edwards using some plastic bag ties. What a man of many talents! He did appear to be enjoying himself though.

The first of the Pizzas arrived on cue at 6.30, this time supplied by Murray Bridge Pizza House. By the time the second delivery had been consumed, everyone appeared to be looking quite satisfied. There was even some left over. We’ll get the hang of this pizza catering eventually. The whole lot was then topped off with water melon, pineapple and this year some nectarines as well.

By this time the weather had cooled down, so there was the obligatory shed visit to check out the progress on the DA Dodge. And to everyone’s surprise, there had actually been some. After spending some time discussing things automotive, everyone gradually drifted into the night. Vicki & I thought a good time was had by all and we hope you did too.

Report by John Courtney