Goolwa Pub Run

Pub Runs are intended to provide a nice warm, dry venue for us in the middle of winter, but as has been the case for this winter so far, rain was not on the horizon. We had a lovely sunny day, which was pleasant enough if you could find somewhere to shelter from the biting wind. This of course meant that travelling in the cars would be very pleasant indeed. And so we met as usual at the clubrooms, then 20 vehicles departed for Goolwa. We travelled the Ferries-McDonald Road and turned onto the Langhorne Creek Road, where we picked up the Kriels. Very hard to miss a Unimog parked on the side of the road!! Shortly after the Julians joined us in Langhorne Creek itself and we all continued on to Strathalbyn for smoko.

It was fairly sheltered and therefore rather nice in Colman Park, where we met up with the Wightmans. But soon enough it was time to set sail for Goolwa. But where were the Julians? We figured they knew where we were going, so would catch up eventually, which they did. We did not find out till later that Ted was busy doing a deal to sell his car. Good one, Ted. Anyway, off the rest of us went, through Ashbourne, to Goolwa. And what a great little drive it was, lovely country and more “green” than we have seen for a while.

Goolwa was very busy, as usual, with parking at a premium, but eventually we were all settled in the pub, along with our newest members, Milton and Gloria Hall. The meal was served with great efficiency and there were many comments of what good value it was. Lots of banter and noise seemed to indicate that everyone was enjoying themselves. Tom West proposed a much appreciated vote of thanks for the organisers, then of course all good things must come to an end, so everyone gradually dissipated to where they had come from. And so ended another successful pub run.

John & Vicki Courtney