PUB RUN 2022

Greenman Inn Run 17/7/2022

Ten years ago, I organised the first “Pub Lunch Run”. It was to the Greenman Inn at Ashbourne, so as this is the tenth anniversary of that run, it seemed like a good idea to do it again.

The day was forecast to be wet, but sunshine greeted us at the clubrooms, although I saw no one complaining it was too hot. Good to see David and Trudy Brew, in their 1968 Fairmont on their first run with us and Fred and Helen McInerny joined us at Strathalbyn. I know David Negrin has been to our events before, but I don’t recall seeing his Cadillac on a run, so that was good to see too. At 10.30 we departed for Strathalbyn via the Old Princes Highway, Callington and Woodchester. There were a few light showers, which caused a slight problem for Peter Sellick, when the Jag shed its windscreen wiper. After wandering up and down the road for a while without finding it, Peter continued on to Strathalbyn where he swapped the LHS one to the driver’s side so he could see again. I know he had another look for the wiper on the way home but have not heard if it was found.

The Strathalbyn “pit stop” presented a few problems, as our arrival coincided with the departure of the “Cockle Train”, something I had not taken into account. Parking was at a premium, but we all got by. At 11.30 we departed for Ashbourne, a very scenic drive despite a shower or two, arriving at the Greenman Inn about a quarter of a hour later. The Greenman Inn was built in 1865 as the original store and post office for the Ashbourne area before being converted to a pub. We were soon comfortably accommodated, but because there were 54 of us, some were relegated to the enclosed verandah, which, although heated, was not quite as “cosy” as had been described. It was quite OK though and was absolutely roasting when the sun came out between showers, but that did not occur very often. But what a busy place. There were people everywhere with the staff going flat out, no doubt assisted by the fact that we had pre-ordered our meals. So, the food was good, the drinks were good and conversations in full flight.

Eventually it was time to go home, so we went our separate ways, although some of us decided to partake of coffee and cake back at Strathalbyn for some reminiscing of past working lives and other stories.

I thought a great day was had and hope the other participants agreed.

John Courtney