ACCMB Christmas Party 10/12/2023

On a very cool mid-morning, club members drifted into the clubrooms in anticipation for the ACCMB Christmas Party. The subject of conversations varied between participants but invariably led to our vehicles.  As the room continued to fill, the noise levels increased as all members caught up on each other’s activities, Christmas, and holiday plans.  Brenda, Jan, and their assistants had been busy decorating the clubrooms in the Christmas themes and, as usual had done an excellent job.

Close to midday, the room was quietened, and our President, Harry Howitt welcomed all members before a delicious hot main meal, provided by Drakes, was served. The afternoon was interspersed with humorous yarns provided by Graham Edwards, drawing of the raffle, serving of sweets, (a choice of either cheesecake or fruit salad) or conversations amongst the members. By midafternoon, the volunteer brigade swung into action and the rooms were cleaned up, farewells made, and the door locked behind us all.

On behalf of all the club members who attended the activity, I would like to express our appreciation to Brenda and Jan for their planning and organization which made the day a great success.