Cruise Night 12 February

The run to Sturt Reserve, as with these Cruise runs, was a suitably casual affair, with people coming and going as they pleased. It afforded us another great opportunity to catch up with fellow club members after the Christmas break, but also provided an opportunity for those requiring their vehicles to be inspected. This meant that there were a few vehicles that some of us had not seen before, to create a bit more interest. Had a good look under the bonnet of Vernon and Cecily’s ‘new’ Bentley – glad I don’t have to work on it, though. Also good to see Claude and Liz’s Dino Ferrari back on the road and gee, doesn’t it go quick in reverse?!!

Noticed a few locals could not resist a stop for a look at the cars as well, then have a bit of a chat while there.
Thanks to Darren and his offsiders for checking a number of vehicles in readiness for the annual log book update procedure. All in all, very pleasant company, very pleasant weather and a very interesting array of vehicles.

Report: John Courtney