Hagger’s Bonfire Night

55 members arrived at the Haggers’ on a lovely sunny afternoon. They set up their tables and chairs and nibbles were taken round for them to enjoy. Plenty of chit-chat was happening. The BBQ was fired up at 6:15 p.m. and thanks go to Tom and Alan for cooking the meat.
By 7:00 p.m  tea was served and thanks, Ruth, for helping me. There was a beautiful spread of salads for everyone and no shortage. After everyone had finished the main course, out came the most wonderful array of sweets. It was difficult to choose what to eat first or last, as it all looked so nice and tasted delicious.
Thanks to Lyn West, Pat & Eric Kuss for contributing a display of written work, scarves, bags and tea-bag collection, plus I displayed car badges and bells.
Ted Julian presented Alan with a framed picture of Alan’s 1928 Graham Truck. Ted painted the picture for the Co-leader of the trip to Alice Springs and back. Alan displayed his 1933 Graham model Car and gave a brief talk on it.
The bonfire was lit (see right) and it gave out plenty of heat, which tempted everyone out of the shed. However, no-one could stand very close to the fire for a good while.
John Courtney thanked us for holding the BBQ and Bonfire Night once again and, eventually, people moved on home, with the last leaving at 11 p.m.

Report by Marlene Hagger