Pizza Night (18/1/2019)

Well, how lucky can you be! After a few days that the Weather Bureau said constituted a “heat wave”, Friday the 18th, proved to be just what the doctor ordered, cool and pleasant. Even sitting in the sun did not cause discomfort, so a very relaxing evening kicked off on our back lawn. As usual, everyone wanted to know what everyone else had been up to over Christmas and offer “seasons greetings” to those that they had not seen for a while.

            Maria from Pizza Hut rang full of apologies to inform us that they had a problem and that the pizzas would be a quarter of an hour late, but that seemed of little consequence as everyone continued their noisy conversations. This of course soon ceased as near silence descended on the crowd with the arrival of the pizzas shortly after and by the time the second batch of pizzas arrived, everyone started to appear very satisfied indeed.

            At that stage, most decided to investigate the Courtney restoration progress from last year and fortunately there had been some. We started with the “memorabilia room”, which now had at least some items on display. Some old toys, including a Falk steam engine that had been given to my grandfather in 1911, some old PMG equipment and some old signs had made it to the display, plus the latest addition, a Gilbert and Barker petrol bowser, resplendent in its new COR livery. It had only been finished (well, nearly finished!!) a few days before. Then on to the workshop, where some progress had also been made on the 1929 DA Dodge, which now had all new glass windows fitted, door handles, vinyl roof and various other bits and pieces. Naturally, considerable discussion occurred over all these things, before we returned to finish our meal with the customary water melon, pineapple and this year, supplemented by some Courtney nectarines.

            All this seemed to hit the spot, so gradually the crowd decided that they had better go home, so disappeared into the night. Vicki & I hope you all had a very pleasant evening. We certainly did. Thanks for making it another successful “Pizza night”.

Report by John & Vicki Courtney

Pictures supplied by Elaine Bretag