Pizza Night

The “Pizza Night” proved a great opportunity for members to start the year off in a very casual atmosphere indeed and our back lawn and veranda soon filled with 59 members looking for a feed and a good yarn. From all reports, they got both and in marked contrast to the last couple of years, this time it was held in quite pleasant weather. Our yard was quite full of cars and although fewer “historics” this year, there was still a good selection to view. That and the “yarning” passed the time very quickly till the first batch of Eagle Boys Pizzas were delivered at 6.30, so that quietened everyone down for a bit. But just as the noise levels were beginning to rise, the next batch arrived. That quietened everyone down again with everyone starting to look quite contented. Then the meal was finished off with platters of watermelon, pineapple and nectarines, all very pleasant.

The obligatory “shed tour” was again demanded by the throng, eager to see if there had been any progress on the DA Dodge. Fortunately the consensus was that there had been, and quite a few spent some time pondering restoration issues, at least when not throwing the ball for Kasey the dog.

So by now it was getting a bit late and everyone gradually disappeared into the night. Another successful Pizza night I think.


Report and photo by John and Vicki Courtney


John Courtney showing the aftermath from Pizza Night

John Courtney showing the aftermath from Pizza Night