By Graham Edwards

July 4th saw the Auto Collectors Club of Murray Bridge (ACCMB) conduct their Annual general meeting (AGM).

President Claude Minge opened the meeting by welcoming all 61 members present, mentioning birthdays, anniversaries and safety the message, before calling the meeting to order.

Secretary Liz Minge then read the minutes from the 2022 AGM, which were accepted by all in attendance.

With no General business arising from those minutes, President Minge gave his Annual report from the past year.

In his report he mentioned the success of a grant application from the S.A. Government of $10,000 to be used for the upgrading of a new PA system, large TV to be wall mounted, new Photocopier and new Laptops for the Registrars, Log Books and Membership.

President Claude also thanked ACCMB members who organized runs, outings and public vehicle displays around the area, also reflecting on and thanking the great team on Committee who have served him and the club during his 6 years as President.

He concluded, wishing his successor and the new Committee to be elected all the best for the ensuing year ahead.

At this point President Minge vacated the chair, calling upon ACCMB member, Mrs. Mary Rowley to conduct the 2023-24 elections to which she declared all positions vacant.

In due course, all positions were voted on and accepted by the members present.

The 2023-24 positions are as follows,

Patron – Bob Hunter

President—Harry Howitt

Vice President—Claude Minge

Secretary – Debb Schiller

Assistant Secretary – Elizabeth Minge

Treasurer—Jan Hall

Head Registrar—Darren Fountain

Registrars— Tim Stroh, David Burt, Jeff Schiller, Andrew MacKinnon.

Publicity & Historian—Graham Edwards

Membership—Trevor Wehrman

Points Secretary—Elaine Bretag

Webmaster—Pieter Kriel

Assistant Webmaster—Yvonne Mach

Editor—Yvonne Mach

Assistant Editor—Peter Mach

Committee—Brenda Cowie, Shirley Sellick, Tim Stroh, John Courtney, Bret Zastera

Federation Representative—Andrew MacKinnon

Librarian—Ricky Kaak

Public Officer—Debb Schiller

Following elections. Past President Claude Minge welcomed incoming President Harry Howitt to the chair along with congratulating all new Committee members.

Incoming President Harry Howitt, gave an informative and interesting outline of his life.

The meeting continued with all relevant reports, upcoming run reminders to all members present, before the 2023 AGM was declared closed.

Next Meeting is on August 1st at 7-30pm in the ACCMB clubrooms, Johnstone Park. See you there.