Drive Your Old Car Day 1/9/2023

On the 1st of September, 4 cars left Johnstone Park Clubrooms at 9am and travelled up to Mt Pleasant, meeting up with our leading vehicle for 10am morning “tea” at the Bakery. Travelling through many lovely crops of canola, green grain, so many gumtrees, winding roads, uphill and down dale, at least our little cars thought this is fun. As we continued after almost 100kms, up came a sign or two, more old cars etc. Bethany what an eye opener for at least 2 of us in the group. We were shown our parking spots. The area was packed out with many types, ages, colours, you name them, possibly at a guess around 200 vehicles, trucks, motorcycles. Time now for lunch, a walk around, many admiring our cars. On our walk we came across 4 more of our members, making up to 7 cars.  Next was time to pack up and venture home, about 200 kms all up.