Clayton Run

16 March 2014

We departed from the Clubrooms at 9.30 am with 27 cars and 58 members. It was raining but by the time we reached the Brinkley Road the sun came out and the sky was blue. We felt confident that this was going to be a good day…and it was.

We traveled  to Milang for morning ‘smoko’ where we enjoyed a good break and a well earned cuppa. Then it was on to Clayton Bay.  Roy and Elaine Bretag went on ahead to Clayton and set up our ‘possie’ with the Club banners designating the area we had booked with the Council some weeks earlier. Thanks Roy and Elaine.

Some members brought their lunch, but most of us took advantage of “The Sails” Restaurant and bought take-a-way fish and chips. Have to comment that the fish and chips are very nice and we often just go there for a run and have some of their lunch specials.

We sat around, chattered and just relaxed before heading home. A number of us decided to go home through Strathalbyn and called into “Ruffinos” for coffee and cake – a great way to finish off a very enjoyable day.

We enjoyed organizing the run and hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

We would like to take this opportunity to encourage other members to think about a car run. It doesn’t have to be visiting a car shed or such, just a picnic type meeting. We have always found that our members enjoy just getting out and using their vehicles, “don’t hide them, drive them” and catching up with each other.

Report by Howard Wright