A small group of Members met at the Club Rooms Sunday 3rd May and departed at 8.30a.m. It was only a short drive to our destination and on arrival the members selected their preferred fishing spot .There were a variety of baits used including bread, ham steaks, corn, prawns and worms. With the odd exception the fish didn’t cooperate, there were only 4 fish presented at the weigh-in.

The heaviest fish caught was a carp weighing 1Kilogram and 900 grams presented by Robert Watkins’ grandson Ethan, he also caught another carp weighing 490 grams. Ethan won the Heaviest Fish Prize. Brenda Cowie presented a carp weighing 550 grams, this won her the Heaviest Fish for a Female Angler. Brenda also won a prize for the Most Persistent Fisher.

The winner for the Best Stick Fish was Tom West. After the Weigh-in and presentation of prizes we had lunch and because the day was so perfect most members stayed on and enjoyed the company and the pleasant sunshine. Many thanks to those who attended, I hope they enjoyed the day as much as Pat and I did.

Report by Peter Jennings.

Photos courtesy Pat Jennings


Fishathon 3.5.15 026Fishathon 3.5.15 022